Saturday 17 November 2012

New Imp disc brake parts arrive

They are here and even having paid the local postmaster 10% duty, then 14% vat plus a R15.00 charge on top of those charges for writing the  invoice document  out, they are still good value!

The picture shows what was in the package from the supplier in the UK, thats the gear in front of the spring.
Also in the frame is a copper 998cc Imp cylinder head gasket, a British Seagull Forty Plus fuel bowl, the spring is a yachts mooring line shock absorber.

Even the socket bolts are included , the right length and thread, all you need supply is the hex headed tool to tighten them up with.
The plates are the new type which have had the spacers welded on and also chrome plating of the assembly. You may think you can get the flexi pipes local but these have a metric thread on one end and imperial on the other!

Nice or what!