Monday 12 November 2012

Genoa furler service

We need to do this once a year, its not at all techincal and should cost you nothing but a little time?
The Harken series three owners manual is one of the best, it gives you a step by step installation guide, it also tells you to service the unit.

How simple is this, you lower the furling head sail, wash the top and lower Harken furler swivels out with clean water, in this case a coating of Fluid Film was also applied to help keep the elements at bay. Inspect the gear for chafe or damage, its so easy to fix things like furlers when tied to your dock!

Re hoitsing the sail via its lower feeder, will clean out the alloy luff track groove and ensure it will lower in a hurry if ever you require it, when did you last service your roller furling unit?

How easy is that!