Saturday 29 September 2012

Perazim, a wooden boat from Zimbabwe

Perazim, a William Garden design, was built in strip plank by a team in Zimbabwe, it took them just sixteen weeks to build ! The build method is well known but what may not be well known is the amount of waste this method produces.

What happens is that first the wood is sawn, then resawn to the strip size required, it is then planed to the exact size the designer has asked for, leaving a lot of waste wood on the shop floor. The epoxy used will also be wastefull, its just the nature of the strip plank method.

Athol looks like a proud owner and well he should, the paints have all been renewed on the hull, plus lots of service works to the rudder and a new propellor shaft and bearings installed.

Perazim was built to do the Cape to Rio race about twelve years ago, after it had returned and some years later, I then did a survey and valuation for the then owner.

The 2000 Cape to Rio race was the first major ocean event of the new millennium, and entries climbed to 72 boats.

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