Thursday 27 September 2012

Hout Bay YC marina as it was originally

This shot will trick quite a few HBYC members, those who do not go back about twenty five years will be really puzzled?

Robs boat Little Wing was a story all of its own, it was later sold and re named Whiblie?

Windswift, just visible at the back, is still on the marina today and Alabacore was once John Ross's boat, today he owns a Morgan 31 and has that on the marina right now.

Click the picture for a larger view.

A photo taken by the late Rob Johnson. Check where we are, its over where the ABC is today, we used the walk on pier near the NSRI then and a club motor launch took us out to the marina then.

Later we were granted a larger water space and close to the quay we use for access today, the old marina, was then laid out in one straight line and on the inside as we know it today, then whats termed to outer marina today was installed and we in effect doubled the amount of berths and as we have it today