Wednesday 26 September 2012

An Antartic white bird sighted in Grainger Bay

Its amazing what can happen when we take pictures, they remain hidden from view for years, in this case two decades, then a question pops up and those pictures are important?

A Snowy Sheathbill.

 Twenty years or so we had gone to a TBA braai at Grainger Bay near Cape Town. One of the members spotted the white bird and told me what it was, he was wondering how a Sheathbill had managed to get this far as its home is in Antartica. We assumed on a ship but why, it certainally was not bothered about our being close to him, so did some ships crew member bring him across?

Both pictures were taken with a Canon FT film camera.

I took the pictures and over the years while knowing they existed, I thought and did nothing about it. Then some months back,  I was asked about a blog entry on a Leopard Seal we had in the harbour at Hout Bay, it was on the HBYC and also the ABC marinas during its stay.

I later mentioned the white bird and the result was confirmation of what we had seen came in yesterday.

Dear Roy

Thank you for sending the pictures -We have now identified the bird!  It is a Snowy Sheathbill. Check it out here:

I think we must write a short note on this very soon. I am highly busy at the moment -but in the middle of October things should calm down a bit.

Thank you so much for sending this

Best regards