Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The i 550 in South Africa

We looked at this rather fast boat some years back, now after a client asking us to look at cutting a kit for him, then approving his order, we are setting up to start his boat on his order.
Will is the customers name, we have bought his marine plys for him already.

Message taken of Wills own blog page on
Well the time has come to put my social life and money where my mouth is because I have decided to build an i550. Over the course of last week I contacted Watershed boats in the USA and asked Tim Reiter to get in contact with CKD boats in Cape Town to negotiate a deal to put i550's into CKD's kit portfolio. This they seem to have done and pending some final wheeling and dealing the i550 should be available in kit form in South Africa!
More than this, I have placed a deposit with CKD and bought plans from Tim at Watershed and I am now licensed to build Hull # 471. Hopefully the first i550 to be built in South Africa! Exciting times...

Watch this space for the progress!