Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Dunlop R7 Racing Tyres on a 1961 Lotus 21

Since my first interest in motor sport there has always been the racing tyre made by Dunlop, they named it the  R7, it has a very distinctive tread pattern.

I see that Dunlop now re make the same tyre and with various compounds to suit the track and weather.

Dunlops R7 race tyre pattern, its so distinctive.

A formula car ready to go out and parcitice.

The car is a 1961 Lotus 21 the driver being Alex Morton from the UK.

Lotus F1 are back near the top once more, status quo at last!

This car is now fifty one years old, heritage being kept and raced, all so accessable at the Killarney Track if you pay for the full ticket, recomended!

This is inside the new pits complex, its such a fantastic idea to have an area under cover and where cars,drivers and crews can cool off between races.

Killarney Race Track, February 2012, the revival of The Springbok Series, what a place to be !