Friday, 17 August 2012

Dragon class yacht restoration

This is not really a great time of the year to do such work, unless the contractor is organised and protects himself and the project against the winter weather.

Older Dragons are made from wood, three laminated layers of mahogany on oak in this case.

This is hard work, either inside or outside the boat will have you climbing and twisting position all day long!

The decks have been re caulked with Dow Corning 813 black silicone. The inside of the hull and frames have been cleaned an treated to a coating of AR600 thin epoxy and 3M microballoons.

The outside of the hull, including fairing in the one ton lead keel is being treated with ABE 201 twin pack epoxy paste, suitable for both above and below the water. All products have been supplied
 by CKD Boats cc.