Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Outboard oil, Venezuela style in 1989

Cruising in Venezuela was special at the time, unlike today,  theft was never an issue and with the countries low pricing on all goods related to oils and that covers paints as well, it was a great place to stock up.

Note: at the time places pumping out oil were quite happy to get U$14.00 per barrel for their crude oil, its now selling for around U$116.00 a barrel, thats waht I call greed and the cause of massive global inflation.

Two brands here, the orange cans are Corpoven Dos Tempos.

So much so that we still have stock! For the Maravan outboard two stroke oil this cost a massive 10 Bs, per 0.946 liter can, that is  about a doller fifty in U$ terms, it was a low (very) Bs 5.00 for the Corpoven brand. We took on 500 liters of diesel fuel and saw change from R12.00 worth of Bolivars. We used the engine often and rarely the sails in the four months we were in Venezuela.

Why a can size of 0.946 ltrs? The Corpoven grade is DT-2 de la norma Covenin 936, can anyone shed light on these grades?

Maravan Fuera de Borda outboard oil.

with the arrival of Justin Seagull, the 3.5hp marine outboard, I need some two stroke oil, this 1ltr can should do the trick. Its marked for use in a 50:1 mix with petrol, I guess it will be fine at the 10:1 mix a 1961 British Seagull requires.

The two other cans will be more suitable for a scooter?