Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A Bronze and Alloy sculpture by British Seagull

One famous boat designer has predicted that the outboards made by British Seagull, will probably become a cult status one day, maybe that day has arrived? Originally made in 1931,history wise they now date back some eighty one years (81) now out of production, they will become collectors items one day.

You soon realise that the product excells in its use of metals, these solid cast bronze (brass and copper) make for some good and very strong support brackets. The aluminium alloys used were termed Seagull Alloy, I wonder did they have their own patent on the alloy?

 This 4.5hp Seagull has been cleaned and serviced, it is now for sale.

The bronze brackets in use, the missing dished 316 stainless washers have since been refitted to the two stainless thumb screws.