Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hout Bay Harbour today

Really this was yesterday afternoon but today will be just the same? This is our typical winter weather in the cape when its not raining!

All picturse by R McBride using a Canon Gll digital camera on auto, this frame is a wide angle view.

Closer in with the tele lens function.

By now I had moved forwards about twenty paces but still on a tele lens setting.

The red boat is Royal Duke and  a steel built Van Der Stadt, one of two built in a factory at Woodstock, the original owner was Bill Cooper of Chicks Scrap Metal in Epping Two. The other boat was named Lilly Rose.

An interesting but true tale was told to me by Richard Peterson of Manex Marine, Dorsteshire Street, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town.

Bill, who was a larger than life Cockney, turns up to see Richard re the boats deck package gear, Bill had the drawing and indicated to Richard that on deck blocks needed to take a load around four tons, about 4000kgs.

Manex Marine were then the agents for such brands as Marlow Rope and Gibb Marine, Gibb had the right size block in a tufnol construction. Bill asked Richard could he please borrow a block to do some tests on?

Richard was ok with this and Bill took the Gibb tufnol block to his scrap yard, then asked his manager to load a drum with four tons of scrap and with the lift cable through the tufnol block, then do some lift and drop exercises with the yard crane.

The block passed the test and Royal Duke was fitted out with Gibb Marine tufnol blocks!

How hard is that.