Monday, 21 May 2012

The Cape Henry 21 steel plate drop keel

Made here in Cape Town for a Cape Henry 21 kit for a customer in Seattle, USA.
We will also supply the 316 stainless steel deck and mast fittings package.

Ready to do final clean ups.

The engineer has done the bevels on a milling machine, that will now be further cleaned up with a power grinder. The keel then gets grit blasted to remove the mill scale from the steel plate. The customer will then have it hot dipped galvanised in the town he lives in.

The same Dix Design Cape Henry 21 steel drop keel after it has been grit blasted.
This is required for both twin pack etch primer and also hot dip galvanising. In this case the keel will ship with the boats flat pack of plys and the shipping fee will cost nothing.

Another service from CKD Boats cc.