Friday, 25 May 2012

Poor service from ABSA, a South African bank

Its Friday the 25th May today, so months end for many workers, for a weekly paid worker its pay day at last.

Today I went to the ABSA Hout Bay branch to service an account, it was just after 9am am and I was able to get to one of the two tellers right away. Next to me was a guy who knew the tellers names, so is a regular ABSA customer?

This bank is now part of the Barclays Bank group.

He had his cheque book open and informed the teller he needs the weeks wages, he was asking for just over R7000, sounds like a lot but its only Sterling 535? He was then informed that between them neither teller would be unable to find that sum of money?

Friday, weeks pay day, a bank with no cash, whats this all about?

You tell me.



We have just had a market stall holder visit, she went to our local Standard Bank, they had no ten Rand notes, so how can she give change out at the market stall this evening.

Banks with no money,this is three out of three, seems the growing trend?