Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The hard dodger or spray cover.

This idea has been a huge success,the relief from both wind,sun and spray while still having a full view of whats happening around us is just perfect.

Seen here on a Dix 43,we can re size some to fit smaller and larger boats.

 Lots of comfort and space and no worry about polycarbonate windows fading from the suns UV either. Do you know that tempered glass is made locally for far less than polycarbonates of a similar thickness.

Locally we supply in parts,which are the CNC panels to form the front and sides with.The glass is clear tempered,we can do a tint also,Dow Corning 813 silicone is supplied to glue the glass in,you will require no fastners with this product.
 Granny takes full advantage of the comfort and space inside the dodger.

The curved roof panel has a special egg crate type plug or mould to form the playwood lamination over. All epoxies,glass tapes and cloth come with the kit.We can ship as a flat pack world wide.

Hout Bay looking from the Chapmans Peak Drive side.

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