Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Optimist dinghy mast kits

Packed and showing an optional plastic mast ring we import direct from the manufacturers in Europe.

Goose neck halves CNC cut from 15mm ockume marine plywood.

The crate closed and lid screwed down,note the steel band strapping,the carton contains epoxies.

Contents of a crate with two Optimist kits inside.

We have just exported two sets of Optimist kits,they fit easiliy into a crate we made,plus a carton to pack the required epoxies in.As often happens the base order for two Optimists and a builders jig became more when we were asked to supply the required inflatable floats and sets of masts too.The mast sets were priced from the Optiparts agent and in Silver alloy,we placed the order for two sets at a rather high price per set,only to find they are not stock items.

We then looked at what was required and costed the same in wood and for R2000 a set,complete with small parts such as stainless saddles,plastic cleat and plastic jammer,to this we added a set of CNC cut boom goose necks and then wrapped the whole lot as a kit.We weighed the mast kit,it came out to 3.66 kgs wrapped,so an acceptable weight,we can offer selected timbers that will save more weight so I would think around 3 kgs a set?

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