Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Winchcombe in December

This came in just yesterday,its a card from Ken and Geraldine in a frosty Winchcombe, England,I have been there but not with the snow on the ground!

Happy Christmas to all of our friends at christmas 2011,

This is real,its not a film set! I have had a few pints in the White Hart Inn with my good friend Ken who supplied and I assume took the picture,many thanks Ken.

The White Hart is on the right with the pubs sign lit up,click on the picture for a better view.
This is a green, 

carbon neutral,

 energy saving, 

ecologically sound , 

21st century means of saving postage costs!

All the best for 2012

Which Ken tells me is also a leap year.

 Happy Christmas to all the readers of this blog,who ever you are and where ever you may be!


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