Saturday, 31 December 2011

SKF Speedy-Sleeve

This Hillman Imp / Sunbeam Sport / Singer Chamois, crank pully has a Speedy-Sleeve fitted,normally we have them ex stock or to other applications the next day and by post to you.

This Lower Crank Pully had the normal shaft wear from its old Lip Seal,using a new seal and a suitable stainless steel Speedy-Sleeve makes the pully servicable again,its a fast fix job too!

This S&L Windlass gear box was loosing its lubrication oils,at the high cost to repair the gears,it was vital to ensure the oil loss was controled.The alloy casing has been bead blasted and primed with twin pack Sigma Coatings etch primer.The assembly will now be stripped and the two new lip seals and Speedy-Sleeves inserted.
Speedy-Sleeves are stainless steel,so no rust will take place at a later stage.

When rebuilding engines and transaxles,it is normal to find output shaft lip seals have created a small 'wear ring'in the metal shaft face,in the past,this could mean undercutting and inserting a larger seal,or by welding then re facing the shaft,both a very expensive option and ones that leave you with what is really a stop gap solution,we now use SKF Speedy Sleeves,they are simple to install and allow the original size seal to be refitted.We can post world wide.

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