Friday, 30 December 2011

Hillman Imp and a mad elephant

We had assumed that this picture was done by the world class painter David Shepherd.
I tried to make contact with his agent but the response was silence,then another thought David had done it. Being in the style of the expert, I agreed and we went along with this presumption.

The Imp Club published the
picture in Impressions,the award winning monthly club magazine.

Then Richard Sozanski sent me this mail yesterday:

Hi Roy

Trust you’ve had a good Christmas.

Ref that picture of the imp/elephant I've been in touch with the administrator at David Shepherd and he says he’s never seen it before, so who painted it is the big Q

Regards and have a good new year festivity


This now leaves the issue wide open again,does anyone know who painted the picture?
A clue is the age of the Imp,its clearly a Mk1,so around 1963/4,was it a South African or Rhodesian Hillman Imp sales advert I wonder?

Any ideas?


News just in today, dated 14th September 2012

Dear Roy

Whilst recently searching online for information about this painting done by David Shepherd many years ago, I came across your blog from last December making enquiries into how the painting came about. Unfortunately the person who you contacted (if you contacted them via the website) thinking they were David’s agent/administrator, is not in fact anything to do with David. He just happens to have the “ website” address and is an independent agent selling David’s prints.

However, if you are interested, this is what David has to say about the painting:

“Seeing this painting again has revived many happy memories I have of the Hillman Imp. I received a commission from the Rootes Group to paint a painting of the Imp in Africa for their calendar; it certainly made an exciting picture. To achieve this I photographed the Imp at the factory and then added my own material for the elephant and baobab tree. I then painted the painting from the photographs and my existing material.”

I hope this answers your questions, if somewhat belatedly!



Sue Smith

PA to Avril and David Shepherd CBE, FRSA, FRGS

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