Friday, 9 December 2011

Watchmate AIS,the perfect Christmas gift

Thats for your boat of course,even boats need gifts,especially when we are any place near a shipping route,such as all of the South African coast.

The antenna splitter can be used with an existing VHF antenna,which makes an AIS installation very easy to do,if you have space to install a second VHF antenna you can go that route also. This splitter is also waterproof to IP x 7 standard and has a FM/AM - BNC plug,so your mast head antenna pulls in all the broadcast stations far better also.

For those who have an AIS receiver or transciever you will need the Watchmate 670 display,its water proof so you can have it mounted in the cockpit where its needed.

If you need an all in one package and do not have an AIS receiver,the Watchmate 850 gives you the works in a single package,send and receive (send can be switched off) a GPS all in a waterproof unit,all it needs is a power source and a VHF antenna connection.

Check out the web site at for full details, CKD Boats cc can supply your order ex works by courier direct to your boats address.

021 790-3839 phone and fax line
Cape Town
South Africa.

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