Sunday, 4 December 2011

1967 Singer Chamois gets a new side window rubber

It starts out as a simple task,the old side rear window rubber has been cooked by 44 years of our sunshine,its actually bonded to the glass and the body,so required it's  removal with a sharp chisel and a Stanley board knife and a new blade.

It was fine seventeen years ago when I re fitted it,the other side of the car is near perfect but I had to buy a pair of new rubbers,as they are only sold as a set.

This rubber has long since become another product,we are really fortunate that The Imp Club sells them,they are made in Australia I believe.

With the original glass cleaned off with a razor blade and the new rubber fitted to it,we are ready to re fit the glass but first that paint job needs doing.

Check the quality,mind you with postage from the UK there was very little change left from R600 per side.

Of course when the new rubber is offered up,it does not cover the existing paint line,so a re spray is in order,one thing leads to another and before we know it,the entire rear wing is being prepared. After a bump received when the car was parked in Cape Town, It was never really finished well by a local Hout Bay spray shop,you can see all the high spots I have sanded down.

The picture shows what is in effect a weeks work,there were two rust holes in the rear opening window frame channel,plus another one in the drivers door cill,nothing much really but as an epoxy coating will solve the problem I went that route before any polyester body filler was used,this takes time but does make the repair last.

The base coat I am using is a matt finish,the clear gloss and top coat will follow next day after the base coat has dried properly.

This is nearly an acceptable job,thats just one coat of clear twin pack applied. The only issue is the mixed paint is a few shades darker than the rest of the car,I now need a new paint mix so the panels can be matched!

How hard can this be,why not try it!

R Mc B

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