Thursday, 8 December 2011

B and G cover lables

With a few decades of weather and sunshine taking its toll,I thought to restore these B and G instrument covers,it could be other brands of course.

A selection of rather used spare covers,they are a hard plastic and should take DK type auto grade twin pack paints,or will they just melt?

Two coats of twin pack white applied with a high volume low pressure spray gun worked out fine.The lables are close copies and fit the space the original screen print used to be.

The older Hornet 4 repeaters,Network and I think that even the newer ones still use the popular 4" size covers,looking after them is a well worth investment. Lables cost R15 each plus P&P,a full spray job restoration of your own covers,with the lables applied can be supplied on request.

Or you can do it yourself, how hard can this be?


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