Friday, 10 June 2011

Our Toylander gets its 12 volt dc motor installed

Mounted for the first time,we need to develop the various backer pads which will ease installation.

Very much a first try to see how long the motors drive sprocket needs to be but the wires and reversable switch are now in place and the motor turns either way.With power to spare and a strong gear box the motor has a 3000 hour service life.

The first try at a dash panel,the switch is simple to use,three positions,center is off,right or left is forwards or reverse.The switch will be supplied with its own wire loom for user simplicity of installation.Owner installation of other switches are easy to do be removal of the screws.

The twin core motor cable has been run under the Toylander,there are no cables at all in view or accesable from the inside of the Toylander,a cut off supply switch will be installed in the forward battery box. 

Henry has spent many hours with me in the garage,he aprooves of the Toylander it seems.


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