Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Diesel Ducks like acorns grow

When we offer a kit its not unusual to find the boat outgrows its size before we even start,thats why our extended range can make so much sense,the Dixi Dinghy can easiliy grow to the Argi 15 dinghy and so on.

When an enquiry to the Diesel Duck 38 came in a similar thing happened.

Harry and Vickies Diesel Duck 48 keel,all pictures are from the designers web site,many thanks for their use.

Note the steel beam platforn Harry is working on,having built a similar but smaller boat myself, off a dirt floor,I can assure you Harry has thought this out really well. As moving his boat later with rollers or wheels on the corners of the platform, makes life a lot more simple when moving time arrives.

Recently we were asked to quote on a George Buhler designed Diesel Duck 38 kit set,we built one complete boat about ten years back,so still have all the patterns to the frames.We later found out that the prospective owner has a much larger boat and wishes to down size with the idea of an ocean crossing and possibly doing the Mediterainian Sea then Europes canals?

Our interest is in supply of the basic materials and to make the boats frames,keel,stem and rudder,which are really the heart of this design.

There will be 19 such frames I think, if the scale is similar to the Diesel Duck 38

So our customers Diesel  Duck started to grow on paper,the basic plan was good but to install all the life style gear such as water maker,washing machine,generators and so on just needed more space,we then moved up to the Diesel Duck 44 but have now stopped (i think) at the Diesel Duck 48.

I have been there and done that,this is a boat as a boat should be,we could provide kits to countries who need a fishing boat fleet,places with labour,often very skilled but lacking the materials or methods to build with.

Wow! what an event,all it takes is your desire and the rest just happens.

We can load the parts in a container and ship world wide,George has plans based on the same idea and growing per foot length,so he can suit just about everybodys needs.


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South Africa

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