Wednesday, 8 June 2011

From this to that,Hillman Imp restoration in progress

I say Hillman Imp but it may be any car really,a few years back I did a Mk4 Triumph Spitfire and there is an early series 1000cc Morris Mini waiting in the wings for a new buyer,these things are by the very nature of things are never cheap but I would like to think there is value in whats been done.

Left click any picture to view in more detail.

Taken into stock just yesterday,this is off an early Mk1 Hillman Imp,which will date around 1963/4,I know the car it came from too,long gone in a pile of rust due to being left parked under a large tree,the leaves fell down on the car,moisture and a lack of sun just rusted the car right away.

Its the small items that can often slow the process up,I need two pairs of these cable guides,the hand brake cables go through them,no guides and no hand brake.Check the condition of the metal,while it looks a mess,when bead blasted in a small parts blaster,I can have it like new and painted within hours.

Some spray coats still to go but looking like new again as far as the metal is concerned.

This is the sub frame those cable clips will be fastened to,check the parts,they look new but are off a 1966 Singer Chamois Sport,all blasted and repainted with great care,there is a set of new poly bushes fitted too,imported from England and fitted to ensure perfect handling.

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