Thursday, 9 June 2011

New for old,the rear brakes

One thing about so called Classic Cars,is the general availability of service parts,brake cylinders on some cars were used on others,the rear brake cylinder on a Hillman Imp was also found on the Ford Escort and Triumph Spitfire,so parts tend to be held by the various specialists,we stock cylinders and new rubber kits too.

This rebuild of the rear brakes includes a new cylinder,metal and flexible brake lines,friction material and also the drum (8") has been skimed so it will fit the new linings exactly.

Close up its as good as new.

New pipes,replated hy tensile suspension bolts fitted.

The new Monte Carlo competition road springs will be installed when the car is turned back over,as I suspect the wheel drum will meet the concrete floor otherwise as it rolls past it.

Before the brake componants were fitted.

Nearly complete,there was a link pipe still to fit from one side of the car to the other,its now in place and we are nearly finished on this part of the restoration.


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