Thursday, 5 November 2009

The worlds smallest counrty is?

Hmmm, can you guess? I thought it was the Vatican City with about 500 inhabitants. Do you know?
Did you know about the Pitcairn Islands? This British protectorate (colony) has about 50 people!! It is a group of four islands, with only one of these inhabited by the 50 people. You can read more about them here.

Some interesting facts:

•Have one school
•The first child born in the island in the last 17 yrs was born in 2003
•Most of them are SDAs (seventh day adventists)

•Their governor is the British High Commissioner to New Zealand
•There are 50 people!! In 2003, there were about 237 people, most of them immigrated to New Zealand.

•One school
•The country has a history of men sexually abusing young girls (as young as 7) perverts!
•The above has resulted in the investment of the islands only prison which is inhabited by the 6 men acquitted of rape and other sex crimes!
•The mayor, Steven Christian was one of the rapists. He was also the country's chief engineer, mechanic, dentist and X-ray technician. "He used his power and remoteness of the island to coerse the women into silence. " GaSp!

•They have one police officer, Brenda Christian

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