Wednesday, 4 November 2009

1954 D Type Jaguar model kit

Offers circa £2500
This is a „One Off‟ special two seat electrically powered car designed for small children from about 4 years to whenever they get too big to fit in. I was not able to obtain the correct drawings of the Jaguar so this is a fair representation of the „D‟ Type based on photographs and a 43rd scale model. It runs best on a metalled surface [up to around 5 MPH] but any reasonably flat surface will do although it is definitely not an all-terrain vehicle. It has a ¾ ins thick MDF chassis strengthened with a length of steel angle. The centre section is made of plywood formers covered with aero modellers ply and the front and rear sections are largely made of blue foam shaped and sanded to the right profile and covered with resin.
 Twin 12V electric motors are fitted driving their respective wheels to give the same effect as a differential.
 Twin 12V batteries are used of the “leisure” type, GEL, sealed and un-spillable. A 24V charger is supplied and this plugs into a socket in the car so that recharging is simple.
 The motors are electronically controlled with variable speed (accelerator) and forward/reverse. This is designed that neither reverse nor forward can be selected until the accelerator is fully released.
 The front wheels are independently sprung (IFS)
 Working lights are fitted although as the front ones are probably good enough for night driving they should be used very sparingly to avoid battery drain. The indicator lights are inoperative as they drain a battery very quickly.
 There is also a horn, although mercifully not a very loud one!
 There is a foot brake but no hand brake

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