Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A South African racing Hillman Imp,the pictures

Simply the best,not many could match the Fraser Imp Cars.

Alan Fraser,wonder man of Hillman Imp race preperation.

Gavins car is painted in the famous Fraser Imp Team colours,the car has a line on it saying 'X marks the Scot' in tribute to Fraser a scotsman.

Gavin Ritchies Hillman Imp at Zwartkops in 2007,full race engine if only 875cc but running an R20 works copy camshaft with a full race fabricated manifold and twin Weber 40 dcoe carburators.

Fraser Racing Team
Alan Fraser had already had a successful competition carreer with Sunbeams when the Imp arrived on the scene in 1963. By that time he was le patron of a racing team. He himself did still turn out whenever possible with one of his own team cars to 'have a bit of a go'.
He was president of the Brighton and Hove Motor Club, and in 1965 he won the Brighton Speed Trials, driving one of his Tigers.

In 1963 Fraser was racing Rapiers, and though he had had considerable success with them, the appearance of the Lotus Cortina seemed to mark the last of the Rapier's racing days.
Fraser, as many others, looked at the Imp with some interest, impressed by the car's specifications and design. In the second half of 1964 he entered a virtually standard 875 Imp, with rally-modified suspension, for a couple of meetings with Rosemary Smith as driver - purely for test purposes.
In October Fraser and company devoted their time to the development of a 998 Imp for racing. They were sure that such an Imp could beat the Cooper 'S' and they were determined to prove it. Just eight months later the team had its first win !

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