Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Gweek boat building,at the top of the Helford river,Falmouth,England

AGNES and the result of a freak wave after a visit to Peel on the Isle of Man.

The rest of the pictures are of Amelie Rose,the sister ship to Agnes.

If ever you visit Falmouth,take the time to drive its many narrow and twisting lanes untill you reach Gweek,for anyone with interest in boats,classics in particular,this place is not to be missed.The last two photos were taken by myself,the rest were taken from 'Working Sail' http://workingsail.co.uk/news/ (many thanks to them) the boat is Amelie Rose,a Bristol Pilot type cutter,hand built in the traditional manner, I had already read about the construction of Agnes (Yachting Monthly?) while still in Cape Town,so it was a great sight to see the boat that then followed,NB:ship wrights are invited to apply for work.

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