Monday, 2 February 2009

Google Earth,Hout Bay Harbour

Left click to see in a larger size,if you want to see in a better size,go to Google Earth and put in the position 34 03 00.39" south 18 20 51.93" east,you can then view all the local pictures and see just how large this thing swiming in our harbour is,we have seen whales and great white sharks in the harbour before but this picture must be a million to one chance?

The new pictures of Hout Bay by Google Earth are a lot clearer than ever before,we know from some of the new buildings being worked on that this picture will be about a year old,so February 2008? But whats that swiming out of the harbour,you tell me,its submerged and very very large.

1 comment:

  1. Just found the harbor image and that is one big fish - perhaps a whale that strayed/got lost? Or a great white - never seen one that big ;-)