Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The church of St Tanwg in Wales dated 435 AD

St Tanwg Church,possibly built in the 5th century and in 435AD.

Jean and Roy,on the beach in front of St Tanwg Church,picture taken by Janet McBride with a Sony Cyber-shot 3.1 mega pixel digital camera.

A dark and stormy looking Cardigan Bay,North Wales.

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Why mention a church on a blog that is mainly about boats? well the church of
St Tanwg, which will almost certainaly by Britains oldest church is placed on a beach in Cardigan Bay,close to Harlech Castle and was founded by St Tanwg as a staging point to open up Ireland which is off to the west.It is thought that the small drying bay behind the church, will have been where boats sailed out with supplies and those taking religion to Ireland,my wife Jean,daughter Janet and myself found the place quite by accident,we were staying that night in Gwenns B&B just up the road.The Prince of Wales,Prince Charles,the son of Queen Elizabeth has been in this church,I am sure he had to duck his head some to enter its tiny spaces,if the church is locked a lady who lives just up the road and past Gwenns B&B has the key.
Think on this,if history is correct and St Tanwg church is as old as they say she is now some one thousand five hundred and seventy four years old! (1574) amen.

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