Wednesday 26 February 2020

Our Toylander has a service

The Toylander we built is now ten years old, being made from okoume marine plywood and then epoxy coated before the twin pack auto paints were sprayed on it has lasted well in whatever weather it happend to be left in?

The grandkids seemed to have not damaged it, so that shows just how robust a Toylander is and points to the fact that a Toylander has a very long life.

I stripped it right down to the bare body, excepting I left the 12 volt x 30amp x 250 watt drive motor in place.

There were a few dings and dents, those I repaired using twin pack epoxy filler, the image above shows the car shell left out in the sun to speed up the epoxy cure time.

As required twin pack auto primer was applied with a 50mm foam roller.

The following day the entire shell was wet sanded with 220 grit water paper to smooth the primer out and tie the old paint to the new paint when it was sprayed on.

Spraying the new paints outside allowed plenty of fresh air and the paint dried faster.

By the next morning the paints were dry and re assembly of the cars hardware can be done.

 One 500ml of paint was all that was required, when mixed with the hardener and reducer ( thinner) the actual spray quantity will have been round 1.2 litres?

The original front steering arms  with the bumper were repainted, new bolts and brass friction washers fitted, all bolts have two nuts, one being a lock nut to keep things secure.

As we can see, the restoration was more about the time it took than the cost of the paint?

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