Thursday 4 October 2018

Toylander bonnet and front wing corners

You can make the Toylander series 2 bonnet and front wing corners in a number of ways, sheet alloy will be one?

CKD Boats cc offer a solution which makes the job a lot more simple and we laminate with 3mm Superform ply wood and epoxy, both are ex stock.

You can of course do this job yourself, if you do a suitable jig will be required.

CKD Boats cc have the jigs so why not allow us to make and supply the parts for you?

It is a two hour job, even with the jigs we have.

The epoxy will cure by the next day, we leave it clamped up for a good while longer to ensure that the full cure has been reached.

we re designed the Toylander construction method by removal of all the wooden cleats required in the original design, we have finger joints which enable you to construct the Toylander body in a single day.

It can be assembled ' Dry' as in without glue, that way you can understand the assembly process better.

Its easy when you have the jigs and the clamps of course!


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