Saturday, 18 June 2016

Which way up do the Perkins 4108 diesel injector yokes go?

This question requires an answer, as so far I have not been able to find any mention of it?

The injectors on the Perkins 4108 are not in the Perkins manual for the engine, well excepting an image showing one under test but nothing otherwise in the two manuals I have.

One manual shows an image on page 32?

Images are taken from Parts 4 Engines, my thanks.

Check the way the yoke sits high and under the neck of the main injector body.

I had my injectors fitted with new nozzles, they came back to me with the yoke reversed and a large gap where that joint is.

This meant that I could not tighten the injector into the head tight enough as the yoke was fouling the cylinder head and the copper washer was not sealing the injector to cylinder head correctly.

Note the recess, this yoke is the right way up, lets call it the 'Catch Water ' position?

My four injectors were returned to me with the yoke upside down and the depth of that recess was then short on the depth I could tighten the injector nuts up to.

Click on the image above ( its my own) the gaps around the injectors can be seen clearly?

This is how the head was suppliied to me, the valves had been fully serviced, the injectors still required the same so the yokes were in the original and correct position.

I hope this information is of help to someone?


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