Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Basils Argie 15 kit building

Basil bought an Optimist kit from us last year, he made a great job of building and finishing that kit.

He then ordered two more Optimist kits and also an Argie 15 design by Dudley Dix who is in the USA. We supply the plans under licence from .

The panels when freed off from the okoume marine plywood sheets, we leave them tagged in for ease of packing.

The plans also include printed build instructions to guide the builder as the assembly takes place.

The Argie 15 is a fine craft, it can be used as a sailing camper also if you fit a canopy over the boom?

Basil calls this a 'Dry Assmbley ' that is a great idea and allows the builder to better understand the panel assembly .

The basic hull is formed, next the seats and dagger board casing will be fitted.

This kit went to Switzerland, such orders are not uncommon for us, we handle the packing and shipping, the customer then handles the inbound costs when the package arrives.

For a lot more on this great design please view the SA Yacht Blog by Justin Phillips.


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