Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Optimist kit by CKD Boats cc

This kit was developed from an order from a local yacht club for five kits, as we were developing the kit, three more orders from the same club came in.

Since then we have sold them into many places, sometimes with larger boat kit orders or to parents who just want to get their children onto the water.

This kit build is the first one of three kits we exported to a sailing school in the USA late last year.

The kids will build the boat, then learn how to sail them as well.

Guidence from an adult will be required.

We supply a very detailed builders guide with each kit we supply, it has some 14 pages and is filled with instructions and pictures.

There is also a Builders Jig, that is required for each build, more than one Optimist can be built on the same jig if the builders are careful.

With this order we also supplied the North Sail and a Harken deck package.


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