Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Restoring a Perkins 4108 marine diesel

The engine has now been assembled, cylinder head back on, it was fully refurbished and looks like new. The tappets have been re set, its nice to have the motor able to turn over once more.

The CAV fuel pump was fully rebuilt, so were the injectors which now have new tips, all works were done by local specialists and correctly.

The pump and injectors will be fitted today (26/05/2016) the engine will be nearly ready for its spray coat of Perkins hammer pale green paint soon.

An update, the last piston is now fitted and the big ends have all been taken to 42 pounds, now the sump goes on and when the block is back up the right way I can fit the new cylinder head.

This is going very well, there is just one more set of new piston rings to fit, then the brand new cylinder head can be fitted.

The price of the rebuilt engine, its also restored, will be just R35,000 which is U$2250 depending on the exchange rate. Residents of the RSA will also pay the local 14% Vat.

A comment from a reader of this blog:

Hi Roy,

Those were the days when Britain truly deserved to have the Great before it, now we are just Little Britain, Just like the TV show by that name. What a splendid factory that is and just one hours drive from where I live, a real British success story that is!

It's good to know though if I ever do manage to buy one of those Princess 32's or Project 31 river boats that most of them went for twin Perkins Engines! And as you have researched and done, they are very much upgradable at not unreasonable costs as long as you are prepared to get your hands dirty and have an aching back for a while.

It's a good job you enjoy the good bits, the thrill of knowing that you have restored a well designed British engine!

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