Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The Cape Charles 32 kit

This has been on the go for some while but has now started to become a reality.

The Cape Charles 32 design has progressed to the stage that we have sent construction drawings to the first two builders so that they can start planning their projects. One is waiting for a kit to be available in a few months before starting. The other will wit for the northern summer before starting. I must still supply deck hardware layouts, finalise rig details and do rudder detailing, other than that it is done.

This is in many ways a classic cruising version of the Didi 950, with almost identical length and beam. It is detailed to a similar high standard of information, so I am pricing the plans at the same level, US$1500 to build from plans with offsets. We will also have full-size Mylar patterns available for bulkheads as an optional extra for $600. Shipping will be added to those prices.

Dudley Dix
Dudley Dix Yacht Design

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