Thursday, 22 October 2015

Marvin Creamer and Globe Star

I mentioned meeting the man.

This was probably early in 1983?

We were both having an early morning shave,  standing at the sinks of the men's locker room at the Royal Cape Yacht Club in Cape Town.

 The GLOBE STAR completed a successful circumnavigation of the globe, skippered by Professor Marvin Creamer of New Jersey. Creamer navigated without the use of compass, sextant or electronic instruments! He eschewed even a wristwatch, but took an hourglass for changes of watch! Actually, a sextant, clock, compass and radio were sealed in a locker below deck in event of an emergency, but these remained sealed for the entire journey, which was attested to and notarized by proper inspections.

The boat was equipped with a transmitter which sent signals at regular intervals so that the Coast Guard knew of the boat's whereabouts. When it malfunctioned, the media reported the crew missing. After the Globe Star reached port, Creamer called his wife, who had more confidence in her husband's abilities than in electronics!

The route.

Cape Towns RCYC berthing back then.

The man himself.

Well done Marvin!


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