Sunday, 18 October 2015

An Optimist kit set to Switzerland

We have shipped the Optimist kit set to Switzerland before, this one should pack next week and will then be on its way.

 Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

The wood / epoxy Optimist design requires a builders jig, we developed our own to suit our kit.

The rudder and dagger board, plus the sides of the dagger board case and some foot strap mount blocks are all included.

The bottom of the wood / epoxy Optimist is 12mm thick.
All plys are okoume species veneers to the BS 1088 standard, its the lightest ply we can use within the Optimist class rules.

There is very little space wasted on each ply panel, that makes our kit as cost effective as it can be.

Not shown are the two temporary  hull spacers, the meranti wood and a carton with epoxy, glass tape, micro balloons and fumed silicas to make fillers and pastes to form corner fillets.

We also supply a detailed builders instruction book, which includes  pictures  to guide you through each step of the building process.

Recently a sailing school in the USA asked for details on the builders jig and the assembly, I sent the link below.

With the very low exchange rate to the Rand currency, buying from South Africa has never made so much sense?

We have sent these kits to places like the USA, Greece, Switzerland and can normally ship world wide at a reasonable cost.


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