Friday 23 October 2015

Machining the 998cc Hillman Imp block

This was done for me by Bremco back in 1971, they used a Mk1 block with liners and pistons I sourced from the Rootes Competition Department in Coventry, England.

In more recent times I  took over a Mk2 block that a local auto engineer had converted, it looked great, its a pity it looked better than it actually was.

The new liners all had to come out, they had been installed at different hight's, so the head gasket would never seal.

Its a bit of a long story but in the end I sorted out the problem myself, Then used a general engineer who had more interest in doing the job correctly. 

He in turn knew a marine engineer with a surfacer with a magnetic deck, who faced off the top of the block and liners to perfection.

This work can now be done here in Cape Town, you need to supply your own Imp engine block though.

The engine in the pictures is now back in its original 1971 Hillman Imp, fitted with the cylinder head and a new Solex carburetor, it started first time.

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