Friday, 4 September 2015

Plywood boat kits, a shower tray in wood epoxy

Using plywood to build your next dinghy or yacht has a hidden advantage, there is a close to zero wastage factor, this assumes you recycle the offcuts?

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This was asked by a blog viewer when I was cutting out the 6mm thick okoume marine ply window trims, my reply was that the offcuts will be used at some stage to make some other part of the boat?

The picture shows a fairly complex shower water drain tray, it has different dimensions all round and while the top faces are level, the lower section twists to follow the shape of the boat.

The steel panel pins will be removed and then back filled with epoxy paste, making in effect an epoxy nail. With the plywood then being epoxy paste glued together and with an epoxy fillet in all of the corners, fasteners are not required and when complete it will be a fully waterproof and light weight epoxy composite.

So was the ply in the tray for free, no of course it was not but it does give a far better return on the so called waste factor when you build your boat.

This will never be a kit but we can offer the correct grade of okoume marine plywood to BS1088, plus epoxy pastes and saturation epoxies required.

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