Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Teepol Orange detergent

This was posted by myself recently on a forum I subscribe to, its really boat related so should be of interest to those who view my own blog?

I have mentioned Teepol Orange a number of times, there is a very strong reason and it revolves around a steel boat keel shoe, the keel was 4.4 mtrs long and 1.1 mtrs high, with the five tones of hot poured lead inside it, the weight was six tons.

The keel shoe was originally sharp grit blasted then sprayed with International Paints Intergard etch primer, this was done by a local shipyard.

There was a two year period while the boat the keel was to be fitted to was completed, the keel was kept outside during this time. The yacht was finished and a tie coat was applied to the Intergard primer, over the tie coat went Interspeed antifouls.

About five years after the boat had been in the water, it was seen that there was rust in the steel, the Intergard had failed but why? contamination had to be the cause.

A pro team used UHP (ultra high Pressure) at about 2000 bars or so of pure clean water, all paints were removed in short time, the keel was now clean and could be re painted with etch primer, the guys used Sigma Coatings green etch primer. The next day a tie coat was applied but only after the paints of the day before was washed down with Teepol Orange (clear) I asked why, the reason was we do not know what happened to the paints over night, possibly it was fouled by exhaust smoke or similar?

I joked what about the large ships you service, do you wash them the next day also? Yes was the reply.

Today I never overcoat any similar paint without Teepol Orange, I wish I had thought about it before I last sprayed the roof of my Califorinan?

I did this yesterday and today I have a rather good smooth paint surface, was it down to Teepol Orange? I would like to think so :D 

Note: Handy Andy, Fairy Liquid, Teepol Green etc etc must not be used, they have additives and they will cause problems.
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An African Imp Hillman Californian ( circa 1967 )

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