Monday, 11 May 2015

Vice Commodore Taffy's HBYC winter cruise

Taffy decides that as so many HBYC yachts now have a COF ( certificate of fitness) its time to get out on the water, five boats sailed, which is not many but we made a start and did have a fine afternoons sailing.

Yacht Flying Cloud on her own HBYC marina berth is a Dix 43, built and fitted out for blue water cruising, she is for sale.

With the power cable to the HBYC having been stolen, the yachts 60 watt solar panel and 6amp wind charger are really earning their keep these days.

Athol sorted out the mainsail, Owen too but cannot be seen in this shot.

Rear Commodore of the HBYC Taffy steers the course out of the bay, while Jean watches he is heading the right direction?

Shirley was with us too and it was she who fed us all with some wonderful snacks served up on a large tray she and Taffy bought in Trinidad!

The solid teak table was made by CKD Boats cc, Taffy and Shirley took one around the world with them on their fourteen year circumnavigation, We can still make them to special order for you.

Owen joined us for the day also, he has done two transatlantic crossings now?

The wind was very light to start the afternoon but when it blew up to over 20 knots later on, the boats hard spray dodger was good protection for those in the boats cockpit.

Sailing out towards Chapmans Bay and the course which took us around Vulcan Rock.

This rock is un marked and needs careful consideration when sailing in the area of Chapmans Bay, there is a second and normally submerged rock named Taffelburg, that rock is on the landward side of the rock in the picture and to the right of the image. Both rocks break waves in rough weather so can normally be seen quite easily.

Athol sitting on his favorite perch. The yacht is a Dix designed Dix 43 in wood/epoxy.

What a nice afternoon we all had!


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