Monday, 4 May 2015

Dove Tail joints and Ocean Planet

Ocean Planet was based on a GRP hull Endurance 37 designed by Peter Ibold. In England I had designed and built my own design the Bahia 34 but sold it as an incomplete hull when I then returned to Cape Town.

After Jean and I married, we placed an offer on a home here in Hout Bay, then Jean happened to say that if I would rather build a yacht well why not?

This was long before the days when CNC machines and computer cut boat kits were even thought of, so I bought a bare Endurance 37 hull with the cockpit fitted and worked on from there.

The boat was fitted out using what ever wood was to hand, time was that I would use other folks scraps, they still made nice joinery really. One feature I put into the boat was 'Dove Tail Joints ' if you ever find Ocean Planet you will see those joints in the deck combings and also in the draws in the galley which is on the port side of the boat and at the foot of the companion way steps.

We later sold the boat, last I heard it was in Ibiza, Spain and seemed to have no owner, I wonder where it is today?
Other yachts were made but I never did repeat the details of hand made dove tails iin any of them (smile)
My own tool box was another matter of course.
How easy can this be?
Very really you just need to want them.

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