Friday 31 October 2014

TNT is this good or bad service?

A parcel with 1967 Hillman Imp Californian windscreen rubbers was shipped from the suppliers some weeks back, the TNT fee was a whopping 90 pounds, it landed in Johannesburg 14 days back?

Its at last out for delivery and we expect it today?

While the TNT tracking tells us they are waiting on customs release we found out from the Randburg TNT office that this was not the case, the issue was that TNT were just too busy to handle the order and that our paperwork had not been allocated to anyone.

We were eventually contacted and asked for the suppliers invoice, I told them its in an envelope on the carton, I was told it was not and we had to then phone the UK and ask for a copy to be scanned so we could forward it.

Check the carton, the yellow lable is the suppliers and with that will have been the invoice.

I will not be using the TNT company again.


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