Monday, 27 October 2014

A new Hillman Imp in South Africa

This has been posted before, we are now at a more advanced stage and the car has been fully trimmed out and to a standard that Rootes and Chrysler never even dreamed of?

Today the re chromed front and rear bumpers arrived, they are the best I have ever seen!

With the re painted Sunbeam badge fitted we are starting to see a more complete car now.

This car is all about details, the glass windscreen is dated 1966 but the rubber that surrounds it is brand new, as are the wiper drives, arms and blades.

The chance to build a car as new as was practable was not to be missed.

This 1971 Hillman Imp Deluxe is now more deluxe than it ever was when it came out of the by then Chrysler Rootes factory.

We have just one more Imp based car that can be used as the base car for a similar make over, priced at R70,000 which is around GBP3888.00 it is at least a runner and can be driven daily as it is right now, contact me for more information.


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