Thursday 30 October 2014

A restored Sunbeam Imp (hillman) in South Africa

This 1971 Hillman Imp Deluxe was pre sold to the client who then specified what he expected to have the car end up like, the car has been known to me some sixteen years, in storage the entire time and still a one owner car. The car was a personal Import by its lady owner, she licenced  the car into her name when she brought it to Cape Town and since then it has still been in her name!

The car will sport a new 998cc engine, also it has a full interior re trim with some parts being finished in real black leather, this includes the steering wheel.

The bright bits went on yesterday, the addition of stainless trims really shows off the cars lines and at last ( a years process to date) we can see the car starting to look like its finished.

Prices? well to give you an idea the re chrome work on the bumpers cost over R6000 alone.

The strip of rubber that seals between the car body and the bonnet was GBP12.00 and we still had to get it here and pay shipping, duty and vat on that.

The Lucas lights front and rear are all new, cost? I hate to ask? yes that dust needs cleaning of the front suspension arms, so my first task today, yes it was just dust!


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