Friday 10 October 2014

Restoring a 1967 Hillman Imp Californian coupe in South Africa

With a large selection of Hillman Imp spare parts available to me I can normally select whats needed as I go along, that or have one of a number of service shops remake parts such as brakes and clutch plates.

Some Items have to be IMPorted, vent light windows were needed and a pair sourced in Northern Ireland, UPS delivered them yesterday, this with purchase,UPS and Vat left very little change from R3000, even then one turned out to be the wrong type, its off the Hillman Imp saloon!

So we now have an Imps passenger side window vent in stock and the search for one to fit the Imp Californian will it goes.

Part of the work had to be done outside, with the 1971 Imp Deluxe in the workshop, space was tight.

Parts are taken apart and reduced to the bare bones, we then have them re plated or re painted prior to re assembly and fitting back in the car.

The black hose is the air box pipe that brings clean air from the cars air box and Lucas 12v electrice fan at the front of the car to the heater box in the drivers cabin.

The new wheel cylinders were ex stock, we still have more, the front linings were over from another Imp project when we later fitted new front disc brakes.

With the front hubs being fitted with new SKF bearings and rear lip seals, this assembly will last decades longer now.

The entire front suspension assembly was taken apart and bead blasted free of any dirt or rust, then the clean metal was spray painted with DTM gloss black paints.

The Hillman Californian as I had it some years back and before selling it, then recently buying the car back.


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