Saturday, 11 October 2014

Boat building materials, supply and shipping world wide

An update: October 22nd 2014, with an order from the island of Reunion confirmed, we can add that to the island of Mauritius, this makes it some thirty six (36) countries we have shipped to now, Dubai was another new destination earlier this year.

Over the years we have received orders from some very far away places, one was Johnston Atoll, which is not too far from Honolulu where we sent the order to, from there the US base handled the transport to Johnston Atoll.

This is as far away as its possible to be from Cape Town, South Africa, yet we shipped to there and with success.

We have also shipped to the Marshall Islands, Mauritius and a whole host of countries including Australia and New Zealand, the USA West Coast can be supplied ex Cape Town at a lower shipping rate than road freight across the States and our materials  are probably lower priced as well.

So if its materials and equipment you need why not ask if we can supply? right now the Rand currency we have is at a near all time low , so exchange wise you will score.

Some thirty five countries have done this so far, or was it thirty six?

How far is it to Honolulu? 18,554 kms Distance from Cape Town to Honolulu.

Then again to Johnston Atoll its a little closer if we go the other direction?
  1. 17,933 Distance from Cape Town to Johnston Atoll Airport.

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